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Rabbi Adam Chalom is the Rabbi of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in suburban Chicago. He is also the Assistant Dean for the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Special Note regarding online English Talmud

To "Talmud Bloggers:"

I recently was made aware that the website I found that hosts the English Talmud text is run by an antisemitic organization decrying the “Talmudization” of American society because of increasing Jewish influence. Their goal in making available the English text of the Talmud is to make the world more aware of the Talmud's pernicious influence.

So far, my comparisons of the original Talmud text and this online source suggest (but do not guarantee) that it is an accurate transcription of the Soncino Talmud translation. If you are uncomfortable using this source, I suggest purchasing a CD-ROM edition or finding a print edition at a local Jewish library. I have removed links to the site from my Blog so that it would not be listed higher in online search engines.

I certainly do not endorse anything on this website beyond its accurate presentations of the Soncino Talmud. Please DO NOT rely on the site for anything other than the English text of the Talmud, unless you want to see an example of rabid antisemitism. I apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused.

Rabbi Adam Chalom