Not Your Father's Talmud

Rabbi Adam Chalom of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in suburban Chicago explores the Talmud from a Humanistic perspective, one page a day.

Location: Highland Park, Illinois, United States

Rabbi Adam Chalom is the Rabbi of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in suburban Chicago. He is also the Assistant Dean for the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Welcome to "Not Your Father's Talmud"

Join Rabbi Adam Chalom (me) for a tour through the Talmud. It will only take seven years!

Reading one page of the standard Vilna edition of the Talmud each day (a “Daf Yomi” or “Daily Page”), you can finish the entire Talmud in about seven and a half years. On March 2, 2005, a new cycle begins around the Jewish world with the tractate Berakhot (Blessings). As a part of my own ongoing study, I will be writing a “Blog”, or Web Log, of my thoughts on the Talmud page of the day. Each entry will be a combination of explanation and personal reaction – a balance of diary and commentary.

I hope that you will join me for this journey through the Talmud. Some of what we find will inspire us, and some may seem very obscure. But the more we know about our cultural heritage, the more we can choose from in creating our own identities.

Rabbi Adam Chalom
Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation